Jean & Jeremy… Forever in our hearts

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So many of you ask us, “How do you do this?” or “How do you survive?” or “How do you go on living without your child/brother?” When some learn that we have lost both our sons/brothers there is a long painful silence. Silence because all you can imagine is that you can’t possibly survive the loss of one child/brother let alone two sons, two brothers … and silence because there are simply no words.

We wish we could say it’s easier this year, but it’s not. We wish we could tell you that bad things cease to happen but the truth is … bad things continue to happen. We wish we could share with you new pictures of Jeremy and Jean, but we can’t. We have a hard time trying to imagine what Jeremy would look like today, nine years older. We look at Jean’s two sons and try to find some resemblance … but it’s just too painful.

We can tell you that we have good days, happy moments and even moments of great joy and hope for the future. We can tell you that the love, support and friendship that we receive from so many of you is vital, and helps us carry on this pain with grace. We can tell you that the power of the human spirit is designed to endure the unthinkable, the unspeakable, and the unfathomable.

Jeremy and Jean will be remembered on their 9th and 8th anniversaries of Eternal Life on Wednesday, April 25th, and Saturday, May 5th, at the 8:30 AM Masses. They will also be remembered on their birthdays on May 2nd and May 29th, during intercession prayers at Masses at St. Francis de Sales Church.

Thank you for continuing to honor both Jeremy and Jean through the Jeremy Stom Remembrance Foundation.

Peace, Love and Gratitude.

Ciri, Scott and Sayra Stom

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