Jean & Jeremy… Forever in our hearts

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It is hard to put into words how living eight years without Jeremy and living seven years without Jean has changed us forever. “The bleakness of my existence during those early months after they died is almost frightening to remember; it is so difficult to even conceive of that much pain. I was anesthetized from some of the cruelness by the protective blanket of numbness that blessedly shielded me from the gale force of such overpowering sorrow.” Powerful words from a grieving parent during the early years of grief.  These are words that we can completely relate to as parents who have lost not one child but horrifically two beautiful sons.

The anniversaries bring back those debilitating memories but as the numbness slowly wears off and the residual pain finds a permanent place in our heart, we continue to push forward and we learn to live again. We learn to experience moments of joy and we also try to experience hope. We do all of this at the same time that we continue to miss and mourn Jeremy and Jean every single day and every single hour.

We know that we will never be complete again but we have come a long way. We have survived this unthinkable, incomprehensible, and mystifying loss thanks to the kindness, love, support, and prayers that we continue to receive from all of our friends, family, and supporters of the Jeremy Stom Remembrance Foundation. We are eternally grateful.

We continue with our yearly Masses to remember Jeremy & Jean during the intercession prayers at St. Francis de Sales Parish in Lake Zurich. On Tuesday, April 25th, at 7:00 AM we will remember Jeremy and on Friday, May 5th, at 8:30 AM we will remember Jean. Our boys will also be remembered during Mass on their birthdays -Jeremy on his 27th birthday on May 2nd and Jean on his 35th birthday on May 29th.

Peace, love and gratitude,

Ciri, Sayra and Scott Stom

Jean & Jeremy…
Forever in our hearts, forever loved, forever remembered.

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